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Guardians for the Missing

A non-profit organization that provides underwater investigative searches for missing individuals and their loved ones in the hopes of solving their disappearance and bringing closure to their families. I created and maintain their website and social media profiles.

Nerd Up

A website for CS students to collaborate on projects and homework together. During an open source hackathon, my team found code for “Code mirror” which allows 2 or more people to work on code simultaneously, across the world. When you have found a partner or group to work on a project, there will be tutors available to help when needed. We won the hackathon with this project. “Code Mirror” was implemented on our page in JavaScript and using their API. We also used HTML and CSS.

Font Cloud

A website to store a personal collection of fonts. You will have access to any previously downloaded fonts, from anywhere, with a live preview of each font displayed.

A mobile application that acts as a finanacial assistant. Connect your bank account and create seperate savings accounts.